The Role of Women and Family Life

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The reason why you need to highlighters is so that when you go through your note taking from books or documentaries, your photocopied pages or printed web pages, you indicate the sentences that answers one of your focusing questions. You then write beside this HOW THIS ANSWERS THIS PARTICULAR FOCUS QUESTION what does it explain to you.These notes are called ANNOTATIONS and they show that you understand the links to your answer from the information you are reading.

All of your highlighted and annotated material is kept in a folder or clear file so that I can view it.

Tudor Stuart Trade and Empire

Reformation and Revolution in Early Modern England Search Guide

Society in Early Stuart England

Crop Nutrition in Tudor Stuart England

Lesson Powerpoints and notes 2012

The Bloody Code:

Arminianism compared with Calvinism =

Catholicism Compared with Protestantism

Elizabethan Settlement Questionaire

Elizabethan Settlement Crossword

Resources for research investigation Family Tree Primary Sources!PictureBank/!SearchResults;id=group-17373;p=Tudor+%2526+Stuart+%281485-1714%29 - Primary Resources

Essays and Essay Starters

Witchcraft Resource Interpretation

Religious Divisions c. 1630

Short overviews - start reading from Henry VIII, but remember your (examinable) period starts with Elizabeth in 1558. - Primary Resources

Historiography for England 1558-1667 The wives of Henry VIII letters written by the Six wives of Henry VIII

Lectures from Professor Wrightson of Yale University of the Tudors Witchcraft and Magic Elizabethan Confessional State: Conformity, Papists and Puritans and Political Nation, 1604-1640 Constitutional Revolution and Civil War, 1640-1646

Elizabeth 1st : The Body of a King by David Starky - 1559

The Stuart Dynasty

Henry VIII just for interest don't give extra learning time to it

Henry VIII , Edward VI and Mary Tudor

Elizabeth 1st - Elizabeth 1st - Succession worries, 2nd person

Simon Schama Oh Yeah! Edward snuffs it and Mary Tudor burns people
The Body of the Queen - one look at Darnley's shapely calves....! - Elizabeth
James VI of Scotland/James Ist of England 1603 and Charles Ist

Oliver Cromwell The Interregnum a King Killer__