Operation Bodyguard was an integral part of the planning for the D Day Landing on June ...... by the Allies. Operation Bodyguard was the overarching name given to a number of actions and events planned and carried out in order to increase the success of the D Day Landing. This makes Operation Bodyguard a very significant event to have been planned and executed by the Allies during World War II. This essay outlines the long and short term causes of Operation Bodyguard, chiefly its need to support the success of the D Day Landing. For this reason this essay also explains the causes of - or need for - the D Day Landing. Further, this essay explains the immediate consequences or success of the event of Operation Bodyguard as well as its long term consequences. That is, that it enabled the success of the D Day Landing and the recapture of Western Europe by the Allies.

A long term cause or reason why Operation Bodyguard as part of the D Day Landing was necessary was because Hitler's military had successfully driven The Allies out of Western Europe during World War II. Hitler's Nazi Germany now controlled Western Europe in his bid to create a "Third Reich", or empire, in Europe in which the German people could thrive. Hitler believed that the German people were a "master race" and descendants of a mythical and "pure" and superior Aryan people. He believed that they deserved to have this Lebenstraum or "living space" in which to thrive because they were the most advanced nation of people. As a result of this, the Nazis had attacked and captured Poland, and _ by . They had captured _ and _ and _ by _. Finally the Allies were forced to evacuate from the beaches of _ at Dunkirk on _. For this reason, if the Allies were to begin the recapture of Western Europe and to drive Nazi Germany back, they first had to plan for the transport of troops, tanks, artillery,munitions and supplies to France. This transport of was going to have to be amphibious. But first there needed to be a massive build up and training of Allied troops, tanks, artillery, munitions, paratroopers and supplies. This in turn required that all of these aspects of the landing buildup would need to be kept secret from Nazi Germany's military knowledge so that the landing and attack could benefit from being as much as a surprise as possible in order to be successful.

A second cause or reason why Operation Bodyguard occurred was because the landing also needed to be a surprise in other ways in order to be successful. It wasn't just the need to disguise the buildup of troops and armaments but it was also necessary to attract Nazi units and armaments away from where an Allied landing could take place. The Germans had created a _ that stretched for _ from Spain to the _.It consisted of _, and _. They had troops stationed in _. For example, _. For this reason, if an Allied landing of Western Europe was going to take place with any success it would have to not only have to be a surprise but also be able to face fewer German troops and barriers.. This meant that German units and armaments would need to be attracted away to other battle fronts or potential fronts. The Allies needed to create "fake" potential battle fronts and to fool the German command that threats from these battle fronts were real and to be expected. As a result of this, other separate operations within Bodyguard set out to deliberately misinform the German command through a series of double agents and decoys of men and armaments including tanks, landing craft and trucks. They hoped that Germany's front lines could become stretched and weakened, be caught off guard as well as surprised by the day it actually took place.

The event of D Day took place over _ hours and stretched between _ and . It is significant to New Zealanders as we were fighting on the side of the Allies as part of Great Britain. Further, if Germany successfully invaded Great Britain then they would be capturing the seat of government for the empire that we belonged to called The British Empire. If that empire was to transfer into the hands of the Germans, then it may have been a next step for Germany to try to claim control of the British Empire and its subjects. Furthermore, the Germans were working as allies with Japan who sought to gain control of the Asia/Pacific region for its own economic and political empire, and New Zealand is situated in the South Pacific region. Therefore, it was very significant to New Zealand and New Zealanders that this landing in Europe by the Allies would be a success so that the Germans could be forced to retreat and ultimately be defeated. During D Day X amount of troops Y amount of Z etc were deposited on ABCD beaches. RST soldiers were killed and UVW were wounded or captured. X beach heads were created and a mobile harbour was created at Y. However, in order for any of this to happen Operation Bodyguard was carried out to hide a military build up, to create decoy planned landings and to misinform the German command.

Operation Bodyguard began in ........ when ........ Who what where when how. For example, .....

The initial consequences of Operation Bodyguard can be viewed in terms of the number of deceptions that were successfully carried out. .......For example, ....... Resulted in .... and ........................ resulted in ........................ Further, .....

Although there was a great loss of life among the Allies during D Day, the fact that XYZ managed to ....... can be considered a positive consequence of the carrying out of Operation Bodyguard. ......................

Another consequence of the success of Operation Bodyguard to aid the success of the D Day Landing was that The Allies were able to ........ [advancing]... THE DECEPTION WAS SO STRONG THAT HITLER CONTINUED TO BELIEVE THAT A MUCH BIGGER ATTACK ON EUROPE FROM THE ALLIES WAS STILL TO COME AND DID NOT REINFORCE THE NORMANDY REGION.

The final consequence of

In conclusion,