Kia ora,

Re: Aotearoa Youth Declaration

My name is Claire Finlay-Reeves, I am contacting you as the Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2016 Assistant Coordinator.

Aotearoa Youth Declaration will bring together over 200 high school students for a four day civics education conference, focused on empowering young New Zealanders to think about and discuss public policy issues. The participants work in targeted focus groups to create policy and value statements on a broad range of issues. The result of this is the empowerment and education of young people, as well as the Youth Declaration, a document which represents the youth voice.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the civics process and come away with some great skills in leadership, debate, compromise and a greater understanding of our political system. Over the four days participants collaborate on a wide array of issues facing young New Zealanders every day. In small teams guided by UN Youth New Zealand volunteers, participants create action plans to deal with problems throughout various aspects of New Zealand society.

We work to empower all young New Zealanders to become conscious citizens, aware of the in influence of their voice and their vote upon the direction of their country. By challenging our participants to tackle New Zealand’s biggest social, economic, and cultural issues we provide young New Zealanders with community minded perspectives, as well as strong leadership skills, that will only benefit us all in the future.

Attached is a booklet with even more information about what Aotearoa Youth Declaration is, who UN Youth is, how to apply and what to expect.

We would love you to pass on this information to the relevant teachers as well as students who you think could benefit from this fantastic leadership opportunity.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or check out the information on our Facebook and website (links in brochure).

Ngā mihi nui,
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