Screenshot of powerpoint slide for this tool.
Screenshot of powerpoint slide for this tool.
Question marks.
Question marks.

What could key competencies look like? Some indicators:

Students are likely to
  • take an active role in decisions about the content, process, and assessment of learning
  • take an active role in learning
  • wait less, and learn more
  • be interested in their learning
  • feel empowered to make suggestions
  • ask questions of themselves, the teacher, and others
The teacher is likely to
  • notice, recognise, and respond to learners - which may necessitate adapting plans in the teaching moment
  • give quality feedback and feed-forward that relate to the learning areas as well as the key competencies
  • alter and adapt plans in response to learners
  • revisit learning plans with students
  • show themselves as learners
  • do things they’ve never done before
Content, topics or foci are likely to
  • be (or become) interesting to students
  • draw on authentic contexts – related to things that are happening in the local and global community
  • relate to students’ existing knowledge and experience
  • broaden students' competencies
Resources are likely to
  • come from a range of sources - local, national, global
  • draw on diverse perspectives
  • include a range of media
  • be sourced not only by teachers, but also by students, parents, community members, and others
Activities are likely to
  • take students into real, authentic contexts
  • be flexible and adaptable
  • be dynamic – activities that lead to and generate other activities unforeseen
  • be for both individuals and groups
  • be purposeful and worthwhile
  • be aligned to important outcomes
The classroom culture is likely to
  • focus on learning
  • embrace flexibility
  • feel like a place where students have a say
  • encourage questions, contributions, suggestions, learning from mistakes and successes
  • enable risk taking
Language is likely to
  • reflect curriculum and school values
  • invite students to initiate learning
  • call for students' suggestions
  • focus attention on content together with the language of the competencies - thinking / relating to others / using language symbols and texts / managing self / participating and contributing

Principles that underpin the key competencies

Diagram explained in text in link beneath.
Diagram explained in text in link beneath.