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The 1951 Waterfront Dispute

Conflict in Indochina 1954 to 1979

  • Cambodia 1975 to 1979
  1. Pol Pot's Genocide United Nations website
  2. Pol Pot biography aka Saloth Sar
  3. The Killing Fields of Cambodia photographic evidence
  4. S21 Khmer Rouge Interogation unit
  • Sources - Primary,secondary, visual.
30-year Anniversary: Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War - 1994 review of the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
US Congress - Gulf of Tonkin Resolution August 7th 1964
President Johnsons message to congress August 5th 1964
Internet East Asia History source book - scroll down to Addendum: The Vietnam War numerous sources available
US War in Vietnam - many sources available scroll down through the list and read carefully
End of the French Colonial Empire: Indochina images and sources
Glossary ot useful Vietnam War terms
Vietnam- The role of family since 1954
1950's Uniformity and Affluence careful selection of numerous sources from a US perspective
Asia Modern History
Vietnam Pathfinder a comprehensive Vietnam era search, help and suggestions from a US library
Domino Theory many useful sources
Ngo Dinh Diem comprehensive biography plus useful links to other sources
Vietnam War and the Assassination of JFK - a comprehensive historiography based essay, well worth reading and looking for the sources quoted
Vietnam War - with 33 sources, not all are relevant but many are.
Vietnam War - very useful summary chart of key dates, events, people, concepts and battles. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
USA Presidents - A summary 1952 Eisenhower to Reagan 1988
The 1960's Social Unrest and Counterculture comprehensive weblinks on the 1960's, USA perspective in most cases
Documents relating to the Vietnam war.